About Us

Cannabinoids combined with luxurious botanical ingredients and nanotechnology to enhance bioavailability is the Vital Essence of Cannamour Skincare.

Cannamour™ is not just a brand; it is a legacy. Born from the cannabis industry, the brand represents supreme luxury and transformative, high-performance skincare. Our goal is to set a standard in the world of skincare while spreading awareness on the benefits of medicinal cannabis. These aspirations make Cannamour™ a modern day icon.

We strive to create only preeminent products that we believe in. Cannamour™ is known for our uniquely high concentration of cannabinoids, Nano-CBD and natural botanicals; nature is preserved as an integral part of all our products. Applying our core philosophy as the foundation for the brand, Cannamour uses beauty to change the world.

Vision & Values

Cannamour™ has the values of a private company and the sophistication of a public company. We care about our people; we take a long-term view of the future. We are driven by passion and ideas.

Corporate Strategy

As we pursue our strategic journey, we’re investing greater resources in our most promising opportunities – by category, brand, region and channel. We carefully decide where to allocate our resources to drive our momentum for the long term.

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